Sebastián del Real Ossa

The eponymous designer brand Sebastian del Real Ossa was born in 2005, in order to make refined feminine wardrobe for individual clients and independent projects. After a few years of work, in 2011, the brand launched it’s first ready to wear collection. From there, to date, it has presented one collection by season, distibuted over different multi-brand stores of national design, as Hall Central , Cazadora and Porquetevistes ; also design capsule collections for large multinational brands as Americanino and Falabella, and worked as a guest designer for the play of the Chilean National Ballet company “Simulacro de Alta Costura” in 2012. Seasonal collections are characterized by a feminine , elegant and sophisticated look , which has always meant to emphasize the woman’s body , taking up classical forms to give them a modern and contemporary twist . Clothes that deliver the feeling of enjoyment for fashion and creation, including details, shapes, colors and textures that put this product as something exclusive and unique in the market of local designer creations.